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False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources Disclaimer

False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources Disclaimer 1: All of the contents in this document reflect the opinion of the author and are for educational purposes only. This resource was split into categories around 8:00pm EST on 11/15/16. CATEGORY 1: Below is a list of fake, false, or regularly misleading websites that are shared on Facebook and social media. Some of these websites may rely on “outrage” by using distorted headlines and decontextualized or dubious information in order to generate likes, shares, and profits. These websites are categorized with the number 1 next to them. CATEGORY 2: Some websites on this list may circulate misleading and/or potentially unreliable information or present opinion pieces as news, and they are marked with a 2. CATEGORY 3: Other websites on this list sometimes use hyperbolic or clickbait-y headlines and/or social media descriptions but may otherwise circulate reliable and/or verifiable information. These websites are marked with a 3. CATEGORY 4: Other sources on this list are purposefully fake with the intent of satire/comedy, which can offer important critical commentary on politics and society but have the potential to be shared as actual/literal news. I’m including them here, for now, because 1.) they have the potential to perpetuate misinformation based on different audience (mis)interpretations and 2.) to make sure anyone who reads a story by The Onion, for example, understands its purpose. If you think this is unnecessary, please see Literally Unbelievable. Note: I will be updating the categorizations and adding links gradually through the next couple of days. Many of the websites on this list continue to offer valuable journalism and/or satirical commentary. For example, a website included on this list wrote an overall thoughtful piece about the list, but the headline suggests that every source on this list is fake, which misrepresents the list. Finally, I do not condone plug-ins that automatically block any of the websites listed below. And as a reminder, not all of the sources listed below should be considered fake. 1. (2,3) 2. (1) 3. 4. (2, 3) 5. 6. 7. (1) 8. The Free Thought Project (3) 9. Politicalo (1) 10. (1) 11. 12. PoliticusUSA 13. (2, 3) 14. 15. Printly (1) 16. Addicting Info (3) 17. 18. 19. (1) 20. 21. 22. (3) 23. 24. *website temporarily removed* 25. Associated Media Coverage 26. 27. ProjectVeritas 28. Attn (3) 29. Huzlers (4) 30. *website temporarily removed 31. * 32. 33. (3) 34. Being Liberal 35. Indecision Forever (1) 36. React 365 37. 38. IJR (Independent Journal Review) 39. 40. 41. InfoWars (1, 2) 42. (1, 4) 43. Bipartisan Report 44. 45. 46. BizPac Review 47. 48. Red State (3)Blue Nation Review (2,3) 49. 50. Reductress (4) 51. Breitbart (3) 52. 53. (1, 4) 54. Cap News (4) 55. (4) 56. Satira Tribune 57. (4) 58. 59. (4) 60. 61. Liberal America 62. The Blaze 63. (1) 64. 65. The Free Thought Project (3) 66. (4) 67. LibertyUnyielding 68. Borowitz Report (4) 69. (2) 70. 71. The Onion (4) 72. CollectiveEvolution (3) 73. LMR/ 74. The Other 98% (3) 75. (2) 76. (1) 77. The Reporterz 78. (2) 79. (1) 80. The Stately Harold 81. ConspiracyWire( (2) 82. (1) 83. 84. (2) 85. Naha Daily (4) 86. 87. 88. National Report 89. 90. *website temporarily removed* 91. (1) 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. (3) 99. (4) 100. NC Scooper 101. 102. *website temporarily removed* 103. NCT (New Century Times) 104. *website temporarily removed* 105. Daily Wire 106. News Examiner 107. United Media Publishing (1) 108. 109. (1) 110. USA Supreme 111. (1) 112. (1) 113. US.Blasting.News 114. Denver Guardian (1) 115. Newslo (1, 4) 116. US Uncut (3) 117. 118. (1, 4) 119. 120. 121. Newswatch 28 122. Walking Times 123. (1) 124. Newswatch 33 125. 126. (4) 127. 128. WinningDemocrats 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. Now8News 134. World Net Daily 135. Empire Herald 136. 137. World News Daily Report (4) 138. Empire News (1) 139. Now This (3) 140. 141. 142. Occupy Democrats (3) 143. ZeroHedge 144. 145.
@SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer #KAG #VOTE @realDonaldTrump Navy Seal has a few words to say about Ilhan Omar…

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Glenn J. Marquay I'LL REMIND PEOPLE OF THIS EVERY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!! With Saint Patrick's day here; here's an Irish/American history lesson... Enjoy. The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid-1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves. Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white. From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade. Families have ripped apart as the British did not allow Irish dads to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to a helpless population of homeless women and children. Britain’s solution was to auction them off as well. During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England. In this decade, 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia. Another 30,000 Irish men and women were also transported and sold to the highest bidder. In 1656, Cromwell ordered that 2000 Irish children be taken to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English settlers. Many people today will avoid calling the Irish slaves what they truly were: Slaves. They’ll come up with terms like “Indentured Servants” to describe what occurred to the Irish. However, in most cases from the 17th and 18th centuries, Irish slaves were nothing more than human cattle. As an example, the African slave trade was just beginning during this same period. It is well recorded that African slaves, not tainted with the stain of the hated Catholic theology and more expensive to purchase, were often treated far better than their Irish counterparts. African slaves were very expensive during the late 1600s (50 Sterling). Irish slaves came cheap (no more than 5 Sterling). If a planter whipped or branded or beat an Irish slave to death, it was never a crime. A death was a monetary setback, but far cheaper than killing a more expensive African. The English masters quickly began breeding the Irish women for both their own personal pleasure and for greater profit. Children of slaves were themselves slaves, which increased the size of the master’s free workforce. Even if an Irish woman somehow obtained her freedom, her kids would remain slaves of her master. Thus, Irish moms, even with this newfound emancipation, would seldom abandon their kids and would remain in servitude. In time, the English thought of a better way to use these women (in many cases, girls as young as 12) to increase their market share: The settlers began to breed Irish women and girls with African men to produce slaves with a distinct complexion. These new “mulatto” slaves brought a higher price than Irish livestock and, likewise, enabled the settlers to save money rather than purchase new African slaves. This practice of interbreeding Irish females with African men went on for several decades and was so widespread that, in 1681, legislation was passed “forbidding the practice of mating Irish slave women to African slave men for the purpose of producing slaves for sale.” In short, it was stopped only because it interfered with the profits of a large slave transport company. England continued to ship tens of thousands of Irish slaves for more than a century. Records state that, after the 1798 Irish Rebellion, thousands of Irish slaves were sold to both America and Australia. There were horrible abuses of both African and Irish captives. One British ship even dumped 1,302 slaves into the Atlantic Ocean so that the crew would have plenty of food to eat. There is little question that the Irish experienced the horrors of slavery as much (if not more in the 17th Century) as the Africans did. There is, also, very little question that those brown, tanned faces you witness in your travels to the West Indies are very likely a combination of African and Irish ancestry. In 1839, Britain finally decided on its own to end its participation in Satan’s highway to hell and stopped transporting slaves. While their decision did not stop pirates from doing what they desired, the new law slowly concluded THIS chapter of nightmarish Irish misery. But, if anyone, black or white, believes that slavery was only an African experience, then they’ve got it completely wrong. Irish slavery is a subject worth remembering, not erasing from our memories.

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Gun violence is like Abortions they are both committed by Cowards, and Socialist Democrats and supported by @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer and the #ALTLEFT because they both don't value life evening their own. The El Paso shooter is a registered DemocRAT Don't let the Media Spin this Narrative Pathetic Liberals.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

President Trump's tax plan blocks spending on illegal families.

President Trump's tax plan blocks spending on illegal families, saves billions Under the administration of former President Obama, a loophole at the IRS allowed illegal aliens to fraudulently collect tax refunds for their children living in Mexico.