Monday, June 17, 2019

Can you describe what it appealing about Trump to you?

1. Can you describe what it appealing about Trump to you? Well, one thing I like it is he is his own man. He does not need someone telling him how to think, how to sleep when to take a piss he can’t be bought and sold like a two-bit whore like most of our politicians today. He is talking about the issues America faces today such as open “borders." And the illegal, crossing the border daily and not just from Mexico. That’s racist bullshit people are trying to say is nothing but the left's way of shutting people down because they fear being called a racist, and no other country allowed people just to walk in and collect a check, food stamps, social security, housing and other benefits that are paid for by the American people. “A country without borders is not a country” Furthermore, he talks about stopping the flow of Moslems coming into this country, which is a hot topic for the Political Correct Left who used it as talking points as a way to scare the masses because a lot of people in this country can’t think for themselves and are programmed from the cradle to the grave to allow someone else to think for them. They are a threat to the security of this country even when people don't have the backbone to admit it. Actually, Trump has a great track record even with his failures he has not given up, he is a winner he has worked, created jobs, made deals and hired people, fired people run business started company's changes people lives, unlike our current administration. The people on the right have not put up a good choice for president even though they put up a lot more than the Left but none who have the experience in running the country. Just a lot of talking points and backroom deals and business as usual signs in front of their names. Then the left put’s up to three people one drop out before things even got started, the second a 69-year-old grandmother that has a history of lying, cheating and stealing and under FBI eyes and facing criminal charges and many other things I have a very long list if you like, that goes back before Watergate when she was kicked off and fired for lying her ass off lol. To the law firm and all that criminal activity. Then they offer Bernie Sanders lol a socialist who never had a job until he was 40 and that was in government, and he has been there ever since like most of the freed loaders who are supposed to represent "We The People" have lost their ways in crooked deals, and now it’s more like a retirement home for criminals. 2. What if Trump was not in the race then who would you be voting for instead? That’s a good question because The Voting process is nothing to overlook or taken lightly it’s one of our basic rights and what makes us a great country and should not be taken lightly and since Cruz and Rubio are not electable due to their citizenship status because the US constitution is very clear on that, then due to the common core, and the dumbing down of our Education system, a lot of people are not sure of what their rights our anymore, and that’s just sad. 3. What specific policies that different candidates run on are appealing to you? The choices on the right are a joke, and they will do what the same crooks on the left want, they have proven this in our last two elections which the American people gave the right the house because Obama sucks and then the American people gave the right the Senate because Obama sucked even more and what did they do but craw in bed with the left and they both continue to screw the American people. That’s why I want to give an outsider a chance to see if he can take the same attitude. he used to build a successful business and make America Great again. 4. Everyone loathes Clinton, She a joke she is a lying criminal, and she could not keep her own home in order, how is she supposed to make America better, she a thief, liar, a criminal, a traitor, and she could not even beat Osama Bin Lying, and he was a dope head college punk with a whore for a mother and a terrorist for a father? How is she supposed to make America great lol? 5. What are your thoughts about Sanders and his policy proposals? Sander is a wash up old man who never amounted to anything in his life and would not be on the ticket if the Democrats had picked someone besides Killary. I know they have to have someone more electable than these two old clowns the policy he talks about tax the rich lol and once reality sets in, they could take all the wealth away from the 1% which includes every senator and house member, and they could not solve anything because they spend more than they take in. If we want America to grow we have to go through everything and cut out the waste and abuse and fraud just look at the fraud from The Department of Education, we know firsthand what’s really going on behind closed doors were not aware of and x that by every government agency, there is a lot of waste. That where we can start to make America Great again and make life better for everyone.

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