Monday, June 17, 2019

AD-BC You know, of course, that we don't live in the age of Jesus Christ anymore, right?

AD-BC You know, of course, that we don't live in the age of Jesus Christ anymore, right? Oh, yeah, baby, that's all been changed. Maybe you just haven't noticed it, but the next time you read a book or an article about some historical event, notice the terms CE and BCE. What in hell are those terms you may ask? Well, CE stands for Common Era; and BCE stands for Before Common Era. CE was invented by our secularists to replace AD which stood for Anno Domini - the Year of our Lord. BCE was invented to replace BC which stood for Before Christ. Hey, who is this Christ guy, the secularists asked. We've got to get rid of him or else young people might think there is something to him and his message. Thus were invented the terms BCE and CE. They exist to deny Christ, and you should not buy into it. Now, you don't have to believe in Christ or accept his message; I would not ask you to do that, but you can not deny the impact that Christ has had on the world. The world was pagan before Christ. Sacrifices to the gods were the order of the day. Brutal recrimination was commonplace. Retribution and vengeance was an accepted way of doing business with other people. True, the world still has many problems, but it is still a far better place because of Christ's message. Christ not only offered a different way of dealing with people, but his message or way of life also instilled power in the individual - not an authority figure. Prior to Christ, the way to God was through a priest. After Christ, a person could access God directly through Christ. In other words, you, the individual, were in charge, not some other guy, or some committee on high. The effect this had on the world was devastating to authority figures, which is why they spent so much effort on either defeating him or replacing him by cleverly combining church and state. Divine Emperors did not work. Divine Kings did not work. Secularists will fail as well. The current attempt, as you know full well, is to remove Christ from society altogether. Hollywood regularly paints Christian ministers in a bad light. They mix the occult and Christian symbols together. They confuse demonic possession with Christ. Our court system does its best to remove all influence of Christ from the public sphere. Our historians paint Christian missionaries as murderers. And, of course, we now have an attempt to remove Christ's presence altogether by removing the terms AD and BC. Christ is an impediment to secular domination. In the secularist mind, he never happened. How convenient for them. Now, of course, the secularists will rush to say that they are only being inclusive to other religions by changing the terminology - inferring, of course, once again, that you, the Christian, are some type of bigot or racist by clinging to your parochial view of the world. TLR - Typical Liberal Response. All I can say to that is that Christ wasn't just some guy offering a new flavor of ice cream. Some points are worth defending.

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