Saturday, April 20, 2019

This problem goes much deeper than a former Terrorist in the White House.

This problem goes much deeper than a former terrorist in the white house, the DemocRats, and Rhinos have been lining their pockets with the people’s money for years, and some are still doing just that the department of education working to make more profits off the American people who only want to get an education and enjoy the true American dream that so many of them enjoy every day, however, if they are educated they will learn the truth about the scam they were running on them by the very people we elected to represent us. and a #Smart #America is a free America and that’s why both parties hate President trump also most as much as they hate us the American Taxpayers. a friend once told me to get two enemies to work together is find something or someone they hate more than they hate each other and they both hate a strong America because a Strong America is a Free America. they talking points are not working anymore because people are waking up and a united America is a Stronger and Free America. They want to see President Trumps Taxes hell I want to see all their Taxes I want to know why we have people working for us making themselves millionaires I want to know why they make more in one fucking month than a person on social security does in a year and they worked and paid into the system all their lives and these members of Congress doesn't even work a whole year and make about $15,000 a month hell people on social security doesn't make that in a dam year America needs to wake up that sleeping giant of WWWII and lets kick some asses.

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