Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Trans Union is a SCAM

The truth is coming out folks do a little research for once.

if you believe that the three major credit bureaus are working for your benefit you are living in a  fake world.

in fact, they add the word Bureau to give the legal sounding effect it's perception folks today.

I will give you an example Trans Union credit bureau its own bank Goldman Sachs look it up, these clowns buy cell your debt good or bad they making money off you and me.

It is no secret is just a fact we don’t research anything anymore it seems we listen to the talking point and never read the article.

Here is the link that I provided will take you to Trans Union and what is they collect information on you through your credit report and other ways and they sell it.

if you got good debt or bad debt they sell it and keep us jumping through these imaginary circles hoping to get a great credit score is all a joke folks to them I’ll be back tomorrow with additional information on the other two major credit bureaus.

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