Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Problem with Social Security Social security

The Problem with Social Security
Social security disability
Social security SSI

Well, Social Security is not working among the people who have paid into the system, and I’ll explain why I think it has a problem.

Well here a true story of two people
      Who has paid into the system for more than thirty years?
      A person who has paid very little or nothing at all.
The 1st person who has worked many years and paid to the social security system and one day becomes disabling and applies for Social Security (Disability) and after several years of jumping through many hoops they finally received the benefits they have paid for.

However, they won’t receive any medical help through Medicare for at least two years in the meantime their medical problems only get worse. Does that sound right or fair to the person who paid their dues? I think not and to make it worse if they apply for (SNAP) Food stamps they will get very little or denied because they get a social security disability check, and they claim they make too much money.

2nd person who has never worked or paid anything into the system, or a person who gets out of prison, there are many different stories of people even the kids who have never worked or their parents have never worked or paid to the system the list goes on. Who get help and they never paid to the system, and once they are an approver for Social Security (SSI) they automatic  get Medicaid insurance and access to doctors and treatments and medicine and get food stamps and housing and much other government assistance for doing nothing?

However, the people who paid to the system all their lives get kicked to the curb, and if it was not for the working people, the others would not receive anything it's like we're working for the ones who don’t work.
Sign. Pissed off American

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