Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Selecting the GOP Nominee

Selecting the GOP Nominee

Do you want to win this time? Then think carefully. When you consider who should be our next President, consider these criteria: “A nation without borders is not a nation. A nation without laws is not a nation. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation.”

First, eliminate all the Democrats b/c they have disregarded all these criteria and also created chaos in America. Detroit, Chicago, Ferguson, Baltimore … All controlled by Democrats for decades. All bankrupt. All controlled by gun-toting, drug-dealing black gangs, preying on innocents blacks, and ensuring Democrats get re-elected time and again. Did you know that before Democrats took control of it, in the 1920’s, Detroit was the richest city in the world? But look at it now.* Who wants Democrats turning this country into yet another Detroit?

Sanctuary Cities are another Democrat thing we don’t want.* Who wants our country overrun by illegals who show no respect or appreciation for America; but rather deal drugs and rape and kill our citizens?

Planned Parenthood is yet another thing we don’t want. We don’t want near term babies’ arms, legs, eyes and hearts ripped out of their bodies; their parts displayed in a glass serving dish; and sold to the highest bidder.* 53 million abortions is enough genocide for this nation for all time.

Remember Obama calling us “racists” and running down America all the time? Remember Obama and Sharpton promoting “ Black lives Matter” and condoning the looting and the burning? Do you want to elect a Democrat and get more of same?

Second, as a general rule, if the Media are attacking him/her; that is a great sign. Remember how mercilessly they attacked Sarah Palin? 200 lawyers flew out to Alaska to comb through her government records and private emails to discover dirt on her. A turd actually took up residence next door, where he could peer into Palin’s daughter’s bedrooms. But they found nothing. Remember the dung beetles crawling out of Axelrod’s apartment building to claim Herman Cain sexually harassed them? Remember the recent attacks on the "coconuts, bananas, and Oreos:" Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Justice Thomas, Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson? How about them asking Ted Cruz to identify his favorite Cuban food and prove himself an authentic Cuban?*

Third, decide who among the Republicans is the most likely to adhere to these criteria and also bring America out of the mess it is in. Never mind the nice speeches, made until s/he gets elected, and quickly forgotten. Just decide who knows what to do and who will actually do what s/he promises.

Fourth, and most important, decide who will also be able to follow through; given the vast number of opponents s/he will have to fight and win against: Our nominee will have to have the strength of character and the temperament to take on all Democrats; all Government departments including the IRS and the Justice Department; virtually all the Media (including Fox!); the Small Business Administration (which now espouses only causes dear to big businesses); Crony Capitalists like all Big Banks, Hedge Fund Billionaires and big Businesses; and Social Media Titans like Google, YouTube and Facebook; and also all of the GOP Establishment.

And then fight and win against Boehner and McConnell to get anything passed through Congress. And then, fight the liberal Judges when they declare that thing unconstitutional.

All this, before s/he even tackles the real problems of giving Iran a nuke with which to destroy Israel; illegal immigration of drug runners and terrorists; ISIS; and our economy in ruins.

If s/he can’t or won’t fight and win; then we might as well select another McCain or a Romney. And we’ll get the same result –vigorous battles against all Republican opponents in the primaries; and then laying down and playing dead against the Democrat. And, of course, if we do that, we will lose!!

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