Friday, December 21, 2018

Wake-Up America, and Tell our senators and house members to get out of the little girls restroom.

Wake-up of America

I know there is a lot a debate going around about this veteran who started a go fund me account and there is a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of good legal question that needs to be answered.

However the Americans has spoken and in a loud and clear voice they want that damn wall they want that damn security the same wall and security we provide for other countries around the world, now wake up America apparently the house has heard our call and has approved the funding now it's up to the Senate to do their damn job and get the American people their safety and security once and for all.

A lot of former presidents has just talked to talk but yet they didn't have the balls to walk.

Pres. Trump, says what you mean and mean what he says America first how Hard is that to understand is beyond me why anyone who claims to love their country would not support defending her today.

If they Don't have the guts and the balls to build a wall what would they do it we are generally attacked again hide in the girls' restroom looking for their safe place.

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