Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Why “Not” of Illegal Immigration

The Why “Not” of Illegal Immigration

If Donald Trump is a racist and Right Wing radical for illustrating the disturbing truths about illegal immigration, then the time has come for his “offended” detractors to answer a few inconvenient questions about their own bigotry and convenient indifference.

Why is it OK for our elected leaders to NOT enforce our immigration laws and to allow millions of medically and criminally uninvented trespassers to cross our border?

Why is perfectly acceptable for the White House to encourage and even orchestrate illegal immigration, transport undocumented foreigners to unsuspecting cities all across America, and grant illegal aliens free welfare, healthcare, and education at taxpayer expense; those hard-working Americans who are already struggling to find work or to make ends meet?

Why is it not a dereliction of duty, a prosecutable offense, for the President and Congress to abandon our borders in a post 9/11 world, or any era for that matter?

Why are liberals allowed to invoke “racism”, muddle a simple issue of national security, and disregard the fact every civilized nation has strict immigration statutes – including Mexico, Central and South America – designed to protect their people and ensure their national sovereignty?

Why is it not a crime, a threat to our heritage and survival, for Democrats to incessantly scheme, manipulate public perception, and mislead the judicial system to find any conceivable way for millions of non-citizens to vote and subvert the integrity of our elections?

Why is it tolerable for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to dine with, solicit donations from and/or voice support for La Raza – a group of racist militants who have called for the extermination of white people and the overthrow of our country through a demographic coup d'etat – while Donald Trump is ridiculed for merely highlighting their laughable hypocrisy?

And when will our President, Congress and the media – those most critical of his unfiltered comments – visit with the families of those Americans, including adolescents and infants, murdered, raped, molested, beaten and robbed at the hands of illegal immigrants because our government refused to put the safety and rights of actual citizens over their progressive plan to commit treason, stuff the ballot box and to transform America into a morally and financially bankrupt oasis of unapologetic socialism?

Considering a well-known path to citizenship has existed for well over a century and millions of law-abiding foreigners had the common sense and innate respect to follow it, consider me officially offended!

America was founded as a beacon of liberty and hope for all mankind; not as a refuge for smug opportunists, a safe house for progressive radicals, or as a reasonable excuse for acceptable ignorance and cultivated apathy.

As a nation of laws, we spend more time forging alibis for and making concessions to the illicit behavior of grown adults than we do recognizing the moral fortitude and character of conscientious children.

If politicians and illegal aliens can now pick and choose which laws they want to follow, then “We the People” are obliged to invoke the same right. An enemy of America, common sense, is no friend of equality or justice.

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