Monday, December 31, 2018

The American Flag

When did it become an offense for the American People to Fly the American Flag in America?

Because the way I and many others see it is that you're offended by the Flag of the Country you live in or chose to come to and lived free are offended you need to pack your shit and leave, with that said we all can be un happy with the way things do not always go the way we want. Alternatively, the way we may think they should go but never to the point were ashamed of our Country, and the Freedom that we have and the freedom the American Flag represents‘.

I like to ask everyone if they will to state if they are offended by the American Flag with a yes or no and a why? If they choose to express their feelings on why they think the way they do, so we all can get a better understanding of this question and what the American Flag means to us.

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