Sunday, December 30, 2018

Ten other Times the Obama Administration Broke the Law

Ten other Times the Obama Administration Broke the Law

These are the same lawless actions that several people have identified as “an impeachable offense.”
Here is a quick rundown of other ‘offenses’ committed by the man leading our nation.

1. Multiple violations committed by multiple agencies of the Federal Records Act, when federal employees destroyed documents, computer, hardware, e-mails, etc. to avoid scrutiny from Watchdog groups.

2. In a stunning breach of the First Amendment, Eric Holder’s Justice Department ordered criminal investigations of a Fox News reporter.
3. Issued Executive Orders seeking limitations on the Second Amendment,

4. Including multiple actions that re-wrote his own Affordable Care Act allowing doctors to report and monitor gun owners based on the simple act of seeking medical care.
5. Violated laws protecting religious freedom of businesses who did not wish to provide abortifacient drugs to their employees
6. His b a law that he himself signed a month earlier, by not meeting the “Sequestration Transparency Act” deadline for determining defense cuts.
7. Operation Fast and Furious and the subsequent efforts to illegally stonewall oversight groups from attaining related documents
8. Refusing to enforce laws, the administration disagrees with, such as immigration (see above) or the Defense of Marriage Act to name a few.
9. The Justice Department rejected state voter ID laws similar to those already implemented by the Supreme Court. It commenced lawsuits to get rid of voter identification laws in South Carolina and Arizona.
10. An illegal swap of five high-ranking terrorists for one Army Sergeant widely believed to have deserted his post.
This is a condensed and shortened list, as there are numerous other times, the Obama administration broke the law and went against the Constitution.
Do you think the President has committed ‘impeachable offenses?’

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