Monday, December 31, 2018

Let me get this straight President Obama killed Osama Bin Laden.

1.      President Obama killed Osama Bin Laden.
1.      President Osama did not kill his brother. The American Navy Seal took out Bin Laden allege but hard to say for sure Osama did not show pictures of his brother. Like when Sadama was killed, and his two scums bag son’s pictures were posted for the world to see.

2.      The stock market is up 150% since he took office.
2. There is not such think as 150 % it’s either 1% -100 % stupid.  
3.      Housing is back.
3. The housing problem started under Clinton where the government stuck their nose in and made the banks to lower their standers to allow people who credit would not allow them to get a loan.  
4.      Unemployment is down to normal levels.
4. The Unemployment is lowed as you say because they extended unemployment for 99 weeks stupid, which adds up to about two years of benefits while doing nothing.  
5.      Gas prices are down big time.
5. Gas was $1.89 when this clown took office they are down to $2.89 because elections are a few weeks away.
6.       We want to vote the party that drove us off a cliff back in the Senate? Wtf is wrong with people?
6. I agree with you on this Point because the SENATE THAT WAS Responsible  WHEN WE WENT OVER THE CLIFF AS YOU PUT IT WAS DEMOCRATS. You just can’t fix stupid.  
7.      9/11 happened under the Bush Administration.
7. 911-second attack was planned under Clinton remember the attack on the twin towers with the rider truck Clinton was too busy banging the fat chick and while Bush was coming into office then the people, Clinton let get by attack us again.
8.      Katrina happened under the Bush Administration.
8. Katrina well, if you believed Bush had something to do with nature, then you’re more stupid than I thought.  
9.      The housing crisis happened under the Bush Administration.
9.1 Covered under number 3 stupid
10.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started under the Bush Administration.
10. The two videos should explain it to someone as stupid as you.
Democrats before the Iraq war.
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