Sunday, December 30, 2018

. I Hate Liberals. End of sentence

Let me break it down for everyone.  I made the statement. I Hate Liberals.  End of sentence
Then I made a statement about this big-ass beast who wearing clothes two times to small and smell like yesterday garbage and “smell and looks like she smoked all the weed in Texas” she had two or three kids she probably did not know when the father was of anyone and then her man came walking in looks like he just robbed a store with his pants hanging past his ass, looks like he was on more than the neighborhood plant.
But back to the first statement “I hate Liberals “was because we filled out all the paper work for Ashley to see the Doctor, and they ask so many fucking questions, which had nothing to do with why she was there like one question the little fat lady behind the counter said, “Ashely did you have a problem in acting out in school and getting in trouble” I was like what does that have to do with her seeing a doctor she gave some bullshit Liberal answer “I have to ask” this is nothing but Big brother getting into family business because they could not tell me what was the purpose for asking these stupid questions. That is why I said I hate fucking LIBERALS, which I called Red Diaper Doper babies.
Furthermore, not everyone is a liberal in my book, but I don’t like big government trying to run people’s lives by trying to control what we eat, what we drink, smoke or the kind of cars we drive, and brain washing the kids with all the Liberal talking points and views.
As if one of my posts I share said a kid could go to school, cuss like a drunken sailor, and get an abortion, and no one bats a fucking eye.  However, if a kid real the bible while in free time or says a prayer before a game, every fucking liberal loses his or her mind lol.
Well anyway, this is my answer, and I am sticking to it.

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