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Hypocrisy on Islam

1.      November 18, 2015
Dear Liberals: Your Hypocrisy on Islam is Most Staggering of All…
Dear Cowering, Leftist Appeasers,
Seriously, what is it with you? Thinking about this particular affinity makes me scratch my head bald. At the very least, to thinning of Trump-like proportions. Over here in the United States, you leftists harp on about gay rights, gay wedding cakes, how horrible Christians are for disagreeing with baking gay wedding cakes, transexual men getting women’s awards; then comes feminism with its man-spreading, mansplaining, the constant complaining about the mythical pay gap. It gets exhausting. When you’re not whining about transgender bathrooms you’re whining about women’s access to birth control. But when it comes to Islam, the most intolerant of the “intolerant,” you’re all…
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Somebody’s got to call BS. And not just media-soundbite BS, but serious, weighty, steaming BS. Put simply; you cannot be pro-gay anything and support Islam. You cannot be pro-woman and support Islam. You cannot be pro-freedom (of “choice” or otherwise) and support Islam. ‘Cause guess what? Countries like Turkey, the UAE, and Malaysia are bastions of “moderate” Islam, but there’s not a speck of freedom to be had.
Sure, terrorism is the extreme, and most Muslims are not terrorists. But the most “moderate” Islam in the world, when compared with Western freedom… is still
really damn bad.
So with this column, I’m not talking terrorists here, I’m talking mainstream Islam.
Angry lesbians
Ladies, why not walk into a UAE business, expose your blue butch-cutted hair, then demand you be paid more than a man. Make sure you Go-Pro that crap, we’ll want to see it. Then walk into a Turkish bakery for a gay wedding cake, with pink scripted piping reading “Colin & Jamal Forever.” Decorative suggestion, maybe instead of a heart, two tallywhackers crossed in unison. Sword-fight! It’ll be a regular riot, until they kill you.
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Thought you’d say that. Actually it’s not. Thank God for polls and data! Allow me to contrast scenarios for you.
In the United States, if you prance around with blue hair and act like a brat, worst case scenario, you run the risk of being fat-shamed in the youtube comments section (TRIGGER WARNING: do some pushups). In a Muslim country, you’ll be stoned to death. You lispy men who want penises on your rainbow wedding cake? Try enjoying whilst you’re thrown off the nearest rooftop. #LoveisLove. Let’s not even talk about what happens to people who leave Islam for, well, anything else. Trigger warning: they’re killed until their dead at best… burned alive at worst. #InfidelsMustDie
Where is the compassionate, “tolerant” left when their favorite victim groups are brutally murdered? Good question. Maybe they’re too busy maligning Conservatives in the United States, accusing Cailyn Jenner’s ESPY criticisms as “hate speech.” Even though a dude wearing a dress in an Islamic country would just be another prosthetic dick in the dirt. You’re not supposed to talk about that, it’s racist. Or sexist. Wait…transphobic?
Some kind of ism or phobia which may or may not have yet to be identified. Okay? Okay.
You leftists turned two blind eyes to the violent behavior of Islam, focusing instead on the faux controversies like Mizzou, #BlackLivesMatter and the infamous poop swastika. The media, with support from leftists as high up as Obama the Great, swiftly joined the raging chorus of “racism” and “inequality.” Well, one does. The media happily took up the mantel of these college crybabies. The victims of Islam who have zero free speech and zero right to protest anything? Not so much.
Let’s talk about rape culture. In the United States, feminists want to redefine “rape” as regretful sex. As in, “I slept with him yesterday, but I kinda feel bad about it today. I guess he, like, totally raped me, right?” Accuse man of rape, ruin his life forever. Lather, rinse, repeat with next person she sleeps with, and call it “rape culture.” A slight over-simplification? Maybe.
Here’s one that’s not however: in many, many Muslim countries, if a woman is raped, like for realzies raped, she needs four male witnesses to prove it in Sharia court, lest she get her burka’d faced stoned to death. Better put some ice on that, sweetie. Just take this woman who was raped in ultra-moderate Dubai, and now faces a serious prison sentence. You leftists? Nowhere to be seen.
Again, I’m not talking terrorists here, I’m talking mainstream Islam.
If we so much as ask you leftists to answer for how Islam treats the gays, women, or converts, we get deflection, often followed by cries of “WELL, CHRISTIANS ARE JUST AS BAD. RELIGION IS THE PROBLEM, YOU RACIST.”
Except no, it isn’t. See, unlike Islam, Christianity is seen as a means to eternal salvation. Unlike a prescribed legal system, it’s a moral filter, a way of life. You may not like the way that it defines right and wrong. But here’s something undeniable: Christianity also expressly allows for the legitimate need of a moral government outside of the purview of God. Jesus himself submitted to the authority of a legal system that had him crucified. He instructed his followers to do the same.
Islam, by contrast, is not just a religion, it’s a political system with its own laws (Sharia). A political system supported by a majority of Muslims in not only Syria, but Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, the list goes on and on.
Again we’re not talking terrorists, we’re talking mainstream.
Why do you let these mainstream, Islamic atrocities go unanswered? That’s the ultimate question. Why do you suck up to Islam, the religion that celebrates in destroying your victim classes, but demonize Christians? I’ve got a hunch. It’s far easier for you to mock Christians, who are known more for their charity drives than their home made clock bombs, than Muslims. Who, if you draw their precious Muhammad (terrorism be upon him) may blow you up. Allah akbar, bitches. Your fear of the violent repercussions from Islam (which you claim don’t exist) forbids you from being intellectually consistent.
Tell us again who’s “Islamaphobic”?
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Second Theory: Islam cannot co-exist with freedom, it seeks to destroy it. Islam squashes dissent, it destroys disagreement, it subjugates its citizenry. Islam hates America and all America stands for.
Hm… perhaps you have common ground after all?
Written by Steven Crowder and Courtney Kirchoff. They’re not sorry.

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