Sunday, December 30, 2018

GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE while it’s still legal.

GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE while it’s still legal.

I think and yes I do that sometimes but what got our country in such a mess, and I’m talking a Moral Mess. It seems we’re to Dam Political Correct here folks, when did it become cool?
Please someone tell me and if anything, I write here offends you well you have a right to be offended, and I have a right not to give a $hit also so please tell me what offends you and why, and If I agree with you. I’ll tell you but in the meantime. I can laugh in your face because now I can before the government makes it illegal.     

1. Have kids by many different me/women?

2. Kill un-born children?

3. Walk around without a$$ showing too Stupid to wear a belt?

4. Have two mommies or two daddies?

5. Killed your parents for insurance money?

6. When did it change from Boy being Boys to Boys wanting to be girls?

7. Girls wanting to be boys?

8. When did flying the American Flag is now consider being racist?

9. When did speaking English become racist?

10when did it become illegal to speak your mind?

11. When did it become normal for government agencies like TSA to fondle you or your kids?

12. When did it become the School system job to feed you breakfast or lunch and Decide what’s best for you?

13. When did it become the government job or right to make you buy insurance? And fine you if you don’t?

14. When did it become the government Job to tell you what you can and can’t have when it comes to firearms?

15. When did it become racist to ask for an ID before you Vote?

16. why is it not illegal to ask for ID when you buy a beer or apply for government assistant which is BS because the government is not helping you the people in this country who gets off their A$$ and goes to work every day are the ones who is helping you.

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