Sunday, December 30, 2018

Fox Loving The actual truth is that all people become targets of crime and Murder and death.

Fox Loving,

The actual truth is that all people become targets of crime and Murder and death.  If parents are not training their children right.  The parents need to sit down with their children and young adults and say they do not rob and steel from people but tell them to get their education and get a job and do not attack others and respect the police officers and do not attack them because if you do you’re a$$ may end up like Michael brown (DOA) Dead On A$$.  The media just likes to stir up problems by only reporting the incidents that cause static and hatred in the community.

The cold facts are that Michael brown was not born a Thug, thief, mugger, and a punk ass bully.  No more that the Police officer was not born a murder and if anyone thinks the Police officer woke up and said to himself hell I think I will go out and murder a person today hell I have nothing better to do today yea I know I will be called a racist, be threaten and maybe killed and my family and friends will be target because of it but hell it’s worth it.  Even though I might go to prison and you know how that will work for a police officer in prison right. People need to get a reality check.
Michael Brown is just as much the blame for their son death.  In addition, they are playing the race card instead of taking the blame why they raised a Racist son and he attack the police officer because he was white.
Because if he would have attack any other police officer they would have shot his punk A$$ to.

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