Monday, December 31, 2018

Drug Testing in Schools

Drug Testing in Schools.

The whole fact is "OUR" Government has no rights to invade our personal life; they do not have the right to drug test because they want to, or feel the need to Only because some may use drugs "BUT" still does not give them the right So until there is a cause or a reason to

They need to back up and not put their noses were it does not belong As young people are coming up within the next 20 years America we no longer be the land of the free but the land of government control of our lives

Some might see to yaw it good ideas to drug test, but people are not seeing is what behind closed doors Each time it gives them a little more room to move into our individual lives Then one day we are going to wake up and not have any private life or how we want things done People are going on and on, and they are breaking down on what our country is built on Cause oh yaw that sound good to them As

I have said many times is waiting until they put a new law on something you like Like soda for a sample tax, they raise them oh because Americans are getting too fat an overweight

This is true to a point but once again that your are right NO one else The little's laws are what bad look at the whole picture and just not a little piece of it

When people start seeing the bigger picture they be like damn that one little law that seems so good is not so good "BECAUSE" it leads to more control on our everyday lives

An as we the people of America and what our country is built on we have rights

However, people give up a little until it has gone Then they cry that they have no rights when it was their fault to start with by letting "OUR" Government have overly much control

It a shame to see as we fall and let them do it because of the people too stupid to control their own lives.

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