Monday, December 31, 2018

Democrats are Hypocrites.

William Jennings NAZI = Fascist = Socialist = Marxist = Communist = Confederate = Democrat:

Democrats are Hypocrites.

The debate between the pot and the kettle:

It would be too time consuming to add each one of the related videos (one at a time) on each timeline, so I will put them all in this one post, but the only one that opens automatically will be the one at the top, and the rest can open if they are mouse-clicked, or they all can be found already opened on my own timeline.

In this video (and the other videos that I will add in comments) I will show that Democrats are the old Confederates, and Democrats are the old promoters of Jim Crow Segregation, and Democrats are still doing that in a more subtle indirect way by setting traps with free government funded food and free government funded services and easy government provided money along with dysfunctional government funded public schools in low income neighborhoods that fail to teach the essentials while providing only political indoctrination that resembles NAZI Fascist & Communist Political Indoctrination.

Stalin & Hitler would be very comfortable in The Modern Democrat Party.

Democrats Today are Sneaky but Deadly. The most effective traps are baited with food. Don’t take the bait!

RINO Republicans also seem to be part of this since they also engage in something that is not about Liberty or Capitalism. Their brand of Capitalism is more like the Crony Capitalism practiced by Hitler with his relationship with the certain industrial families who happened to be friends of Hitler, and that is Not Free Market Capitalism and may as well be total government control over the means of production and distribution just as it is under Socialist/Communist Regimes.

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