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Add your name: I stand with Planned Parenthood

Add your name: I stand with Planned Parenthood

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Jul 28 (2 days ago)

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

I'm Laurie Bertolett, a MoveOn member in Austin, TX. Republican leaders like Speaker John Boehner are leading an attack against Planned Parenthood. This is the GOP's latest stunt to take away women's rights to their own health care needs.

Stop the witch hunt against Planned Parenthood now. Some in Congress will do anything to shut them down and do away with women's rights to control their own bodies.
Republican leaders like Speaker John Boehner are calling for a formal investigation into Planned Parenthood after an edited video surfaced that falsely accused the organization of selling organs.1
Planned Parenthood helped me in the 1970s with birth control at age 17. If not for them, I might have ended up with an unplanned pregnancy.  

Women and the men who love them must stand up, or we will have no rights and neither will our daughters.

Please join the fight for the reproductive rights and health care for all women and say "Enough!" to these bogus attacks!
–Laurie Bertolett

1. "Republicans plan new abortion push," Politico, July 16, 2015
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Planned Parenthood is looking for more help to MURDER more babies and see their body parts .here is a E-Mail they are sending out to get more people to help kill more babies.

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