Monday, September 17, 2018

a real Commander in Chief, he would start by saying

I just watch the 12 o'clock news where President Goat-banger spoke to his friends and family, which is ISIS,

You can tell from his speech if you want to call it that it was a bunch of rambling over and over really he really misses his Teleprompter and he is still lying about what his goals are in the middle east and America.

You can tell from all the different countries he tries to help ISIS destroy that his true goal is to try to bring to
power his Moslem brothers.

He tries to disable any country in the Middle East that does not follow the words of Mohammad, which is a 4th century child molester and goat banger I call BlowHammad.

However, he used the Moslem Brotherhood in America which some know them as (BLM) which is just a front group for another Sub-human Scum who goal is to cause trouble here in America.

If he was a real Commander in Chief, he would start by saying

All Lives Matter not just a bunch of thugs who seem to be killing each other at an alarming rate and work on the country's problems of the inter cities and not try to bring thousands of Sub-Humans to our country.

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