Saturday, August 11, 2018

“We The Tea Party” will stand our ground.

“We The Tea Party” 
will stand our ground.

Guess the Undocumented Thief should allow our system to work its course this is why we have the check and balance in place. So a sitting President cannot go around and acting like he King Dip Shit and write laws in which he has No Authority to do so in the first place with that said 

“We the People” will not go silently into the night, but we will stand our ground and fight this is why the President is waiting until November Elections because “We The Tea Party” will stand our ground against this clown.

Guess the President said Oops, I forgot about the Tea Party kicking my Ass in the November elections.

“Guess Congress COULD passes their own laws if they do not want the President to act. Oops, forgot about the Tea Party.”

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