Sunday, August 12, 2018

Guns do keep people honest.

I was working an armed post in downtown Houston Texas in the late eighties. When a thug came in my store, and the manager inform me he was a shoplifter and to keep any eye on him, well after a few moments, the thug came up to me and started some small talk and asked me if I had a Cigarette, I responded to no, he said oh yeah you guys have to stay in shape in case you have to chase people I look him in the eyes and said I never chase anyone he looked at me with that smarts ass smirk, you mean if someone stole something you would not chase them. I said I don’t get paid to chase people, in fact. I give them a head start he was looking at me crazy like I lost my mind, and I asked him why I would chase anyone when a Bullet runs a hell of a lot faster than I do. He looked at me with that deer in the head light look and left the store and never once came back as far as I know.       

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