Sunday, August 12, 2018

Abortion debate, we talked about it now we want to know what you think.??

(RIGHT) I wonder how many Great Doctors, Scientists, Great Leaders, and many more great people, have been MURDER by ABORTION Killers.

(LEFT) What about all the promising women that never had the chance to be a scientist, doctor, or great leader because of an unwanted pregnancy?

(RIGHT) That's not even a thought; too many successful women are also mothers as well. Just saying.

(LEFT) yes but they had wanted pregnancies, when they were able to care for their children.
What about all the children that are not cared for?

(RIGHT) That's a whole different story, every man or woman who spread their legs, knows the chances, and they also must accept the responsibility of their actions as well. If they have a child and are dead beat's parents they should be dealt with its not, rocket scientist buy a rubber or get your ass on the pill or keep your legs closed.

(LEFT)  your argument is illogical because the pill is not 100%; my adult son is here because of a condom breaking,
You are trying to impose your moral beliefs on everyone, and you cannot do that because what you fail to realize is that abortions will happen no matter what your religious beliefs are. All that Roe V. Wade did was put the back alley butchers out of business.

(RIGHT) Killing a BABY is more than just someone belief it's MURDER.

(RIGHT) As for “back alley butchers out of business." We the People have to pay for someone to kill their child and made Butchers rich lol. I only hope your son does not know you think he is a mistake.

(LEFT) your belief is that life begins at conception. You are asserting your personal beliefs onto the rest of the country.

(LEFT)  we the tax payer have never paid for abortions.

(LEFT)  and to tell you the truth my son knows exactly how he got here. So what gives you the right to sit in judgement of me? Oh that's right you thump your bible.

(RIGHT)  where do you think they get the money from selling baby parts oh yeah they do. And for someone who can't afford the pill or a rubber, what makes you think they pay for an Abortion.

(RIGHT)  I'm not judging you if you think your son was a mistake you said that I did not.

(LEFT) Planned Parenthood does not sell baby parts the video has been debunked multiple times. You lose, good day sir.

(RIGHT) Please share where you say they have be proven false lol

(RIGHT) They just take cash donations over lunch lol

LEFT=    Progressive Democratic (Democratic Socialist) AKA Liberal

RIGHT = American loving Republican      Conservative,

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